Another Day at the Ray

I recently started an online class about generating leads. The first lesson in the class was figuring out 3 things your superpower, passion, and genius work. To sum it all up your superpower is what you are better at than most people. You combine your superpower with your passion, which is what brings you joy and you come up with your genius work.

Yesterday I had a really rough day at work. I teach first grade at a school most people would steer clear of. It’s not an easy job and every day is a challenge for sure. When I got into education I was extremely passionate about it. I had a real vision of what my class would be like and how I would run it. But that all changed when I started at my current position. Constantly dealing with behaviors that would seem insane to most people can really start to wear on someone.

Yesterday was my last formal evaluation. I prepared so much for it. I talked to my mentor and came up with a great activity. I planned it to the best of my ability. I talked to my assistant principal about it and she provided me with some suggestions. I made a few changes and did a dry run the day before my formal. There were a few hiccups but it went pretty well. I changed a few things I saw that weren’t working and prepared for the big day. It started off pretty good but then the behaviors spiked. Imagine this: a child crawling on the floor, a fight, and the worst group work exercise ever. That’s about what happened! I was literally standing there about to throw in the towel as my assistant principal is typing away my fate on her computer. I literally wanted to cry. If it could go wrong it went wrong. After it was over and I was alone in my classroom after dismissal I literally sobbed. I felt defeated, mad, and two seconds away from quitting. I truly thought at that moment that I was going to be fired. I 100% thought for a little bit that I was in the wrong field.

Today, I went to work and really dreaded it. I thought to myself “can I call out today?” I was about half way to school when I decided that I wasn’t going to let those kids get to me like that and I was going to take my power back. I picked up my students and laid the law down. I told them acting that way was unacceptable. I ran my class very strictly all day and got very good results. My students actually behaved and listened to me. We actually got to learn and enjoy our time together.

By the end of the day, I had regained my confidence and had a renewed sense of passion. I really felt good and I think now my students know that I mean business. I should say this is only my second year teaching. My first year was at a tough school as well but not as tough as this one. I have learned a lot this year and I hope that I can take that knowledge and build upon it over the years to come. If you didn’t know to be a teacher is really tough in general and when you add students that are in situations like the ones I am dealing with it is 10 times harder.

If you haven’t already discovered your superpower, passion, and genius work I suggest you do so. It will really help put things into perspective and my your work life a whole lot more tolerable. You should truly enjoy what you are doing and if you don’t that makes things miserable. I discovered this week that I have a couple of superpowers. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert yet but my superpowers are social media management and teaching. My passion is helping people whether I am helping them build their business through social media or I am helping students learn. My genius work is a combination of both. I think in the future I will help people by teaching them how to manage their social media so that their business can grow. I have a very interesting resume’ so having more than one superpower isn’t strange to me. What is your superpower? What are you passionate about? What is your genius work?