New Life Direction

My path through life like anyone elses has had its ups and downs. I cannot complain that much. I’m 37, divorced, mother of 2 beautiful girls, soon to be step mom of another amazing girl, and engaged to my soulmate. Life has treated me pretty well. It took some time to get to a happy place but I’m here and I plan to stay here!

College Days

Let me rewind back to my college days. When I was deciding on a major I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. So like a lot of other people I decided to go with business focusing on marketing. The funny thing is I didn’t even know what marketing was at the time. All my college roommates were marketing majors so I just jumped on the band wagon. I know what you’re thinking “what was this girl thinking” well in all honesty I wasn’t thinking. I was just choosing something and going with it. Once I got into the classroom I really enjoyed business and especially marketing. I liked the idea of advertising and brainstorming ways to brand businesses. One of my favorite assignments was figurinrg out how to rebrand Black and Decker power tools.

Let the Job Search Begin

Once I finished school and started to look for a job I found that most of what was out there were sales jobs and that was not me. I became an admnistrative assistant for a marketing firm. I did that for a few years and ended up of all things working at a technical school doing marketing. I was in charge creating marketing materials and attracting new students to both adult technical programs and high school programs. While I was doing this I worked very closely with the schools guidance counselor. I was inspired to go back to school and get my masters in school guidance and counseling.

Once I graduated and started looking for yet another job I ran into another road block. Principals wanted me to have classroom teaching experience, of which I didn’t have any. So my new plan was to get into substitute teaching. I did that for a couple of years and low and behold I landed a job teaching computer to elementary school students.

I had a great time with this job. I had the freedom to teach pretty much anything I wanted. I was able to introduce my students to a lot of social studies topics, teaach them how to use PowerPoint, conduct research, and various other things. But eventhough I was teaching I wasn’t getting paid like a teacher. I was considered an assistant. I applied and applied and applied some more to get a real teacher position but it seemed like that because I had an out of field degree I was being overlooked.

It Took How Long…

After 10 years! This includes my guidance counseling search all the way unti lthis point I FINALLY landed a teaching job at an elementary school teaching 3rd grade. It was a roguh adjustment. But I made it through my first year. I started at a new school in another school distrit this year as a 3rd grade teacher and then was moved a few months in to 1st grade. I thought at this point I had realized my dream and I was where I needed to be.

As I said before I am divorced and now newly engaged. My fiance Adam is a web developer of which I know little to nothing about. He’s done a lot of writing sports writing, blogging, etc…I would not have ever labeled myself a writer. Adam encouraged me to go with him to WordCamp Miami and learn a little bit about WordPress. He has his own freelance business and wants me to help with marketing espcially social media stuff.

Inspiration Struck

In my previous post I wrote about my experience at WordCamp Miami and how I made a website, which you are on right now! I neer though it a million years that going to my first WordCamp would inspire me so much. I am writing more than I ever have. I write this blog as well as content for Adam’s website blog. I really walked away from WordCamp wanting to do business again. I have been in the education field for so long I had forgotten what the business world is like.

All the way home in the car Adam and I talked about the business and what we wanted to do with it. It was like a 3 hour business meeting. When we got home we decided to dive into the social media aspect of web development. I manage a football blog with Adam and do a ton of social media for it. We figured I could take that knowledge and reproduce it for clients. So in the near future we will be offering social media mangement services.

The Journey Continues…

I am really excited to take this next step in my already strange career path. I cannot wait to see what the future holds and what new things I will be trying. Follow me on social media and find out the latest a greatest in my journey though life.