What a Week

This week was very difficult for me. I mentioned before I work at a school most people would stay far away from. It’s in a rough neighborhood and the students all have seen and been through more in their short lives than I ever will in mine. It’s not an easy environment to be in on a daily basis and get a lot accomplished. I have had some really great days. But there have been some days that I have cried a lot. Teaching at this school has been a challenge for sure. I sometimes feel more like a prison guard or a psychologist more than a teacher.

This week was extremely hard for me. I mentioned in my previous post how awful my last formal observation was. Well, this week I was given what I will refer to as the letter of doom. I was asked to go to the principal’s office and was presented with an envelope. I opened it and read the short letter inside. It said I was not being recommended for reappointment. Basically, a nice way to say you’re fired. I gave this job my all. I came to work even when I didn’t want to and put up with more than most teachers would. I felt absolutely defeated at that moment. I had a feeling it was coming but I was really hoping for the best. Now I am faced with the thought of what do I do.

At this point, I figure I have a few options. The first option is to attempt to get another teaching position. After having this same situation happen to me twice now I am really feeling like even if I pursued this option I would not get anywhere. There is a job fair coming up that I plan on attending. The second option is to forget about teaching altogether and get a business type of job. After all, that is what I went to school for. I have had a new interest in business lately and it could be a nice change. The third option is to get a job possibly at a restaurant or Disney just to make money to pay the bills and put a lot of my efforts toward Adam’s web development business. At least this time around I has options last time I really didn’t. I had to spend the whole summer going on job interview after job interview to finally landed a job at my current school. I am going to this job fair which is for current employees that weren’t reappointed. I am trying to remain hopeful and look at this as an opportunity to get away from the insanity at my current school and find greener pastures somewhere else.

I have really been through it this year. I have had some extreme misbehavior in my classroom. I will say I have learned a lot and if I can survive this type of school environment I can survive anywhere. Now that all the crying and shock have worn off I’m looking forward to what the future holds. In a way, I almost feel relieved that I don’t have to stay there another year. I’m also scared because now I have to find a new job and start all the way over. Stay tuned and I will keep you updated on what I decide and how this job fair goes.